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Well-educated clerics sis of some empirical materials from XVIIth XIXth were involved in the translation of the theological centuries; it is a roman stroganov video binary options that, because of the unique books.

In the Xth century, John Ekzarh, an outstand- historical development of Bulgaria, is considered as ing Bulgarian scholar, translated Hexameron from the period of the late Middle Ages. Bulgaria, being a sent Basil, which became one of the most widespread Slavic and a Balkan country, was strongly inluenced books telling about the technical chievements of the by the Byzantine culture during the Middle Ages.

In Antiquity in the form of a theological treaty.

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  • Желтый сигнал тревоги вспыхнул над шифровалкой, и свет, пульсируя, прерывистыми пятнами упал налицо коммандера.

Roman stroganov video binary options the IXth century Bulgaria adopted Orthodox Christi- cording to the philosophical and religious ideas roman stroganov video binary options anity as its oicial religious cult. Gradually, the Bul- braced by the Eastern Orthodoxy, the human body garian culture turned into a certain Slavic version of is a Gods creation; God created man in His own im- the Byzantine culture, like in some other countries age and man is what man is exactly because he was like Serbia and Russia.

In the period of the IXth meant to be in service of his creator, i. Soul XIVth, ater adopting the new religion, the Bulgarians redemption and physical recovering are inextricably became part of the Slavic-Byzantine world in which bound up with the moral endeavours of the religious there existed almost no diferences among the vari- model of lifestyle.

In Bulgaria lost its sovereignty as a result miracle. In a situation the healthy body as a model, analogous to the icons of a demographic collapse and an alien ethnical pre- of the saints, that is to be closely followed. In the XVXVIIIth centuries, exists another one the popular culture, in which none of the historical and cultural processes typical the image of something vivid is prescribed to illness; for the western countries could be found in Bulgaria.

Anyway, however, it hat is why, what Bulgaria experienced at that time is viewed as something that has its life totally sepa- was the so-called extended Middle Ages, a phenom- rated from that of the human being. It is at this point where we can embracing and harmonious philosophical-religious see culture as a syncretic whole the behaviouristic system claimed to have the answers to all the ques- stereotypes function as a irm guarantee within the tions.

According to the Christian-Orthodox doctrine, system of moral values.

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Besides, these stereotypes are all physical phenomena, the material world in all its the ones that set the rules for an adequate corporal be- projections, is hierarchically subdued to the divine haviour, which is in connection with the basic bodily world roman stroganov video binary options, and simply represents its relection. Illness belongs to a world of demons. All themes related to the natural sci- this world everything that is ascribed a negative con- ences are being very roman stroganov video binary options discussed in the notation: hostility, bestiality, and dirt Beside the actions which, when accurately performed, are sup- wide variety of information these books give, they posed to divert the illness from its way, to take it out also provide a full and logical description of the hu- of the body and out of the house.

Along with the adoption of Christianity, In medieval culture, knowledge functions as a a massive translation activity from Greek into Old- certain entirety. It is possible for several pic- ture of Anaki Tumparov. From that same year there tures of illness to exist simultaneously in a persons is another medical guidebook, that of the priest Gri- mindset. A third medical guidebook from the Danube mitted sin; it can also be personiied by some raptile- City Svishtov carries the date of A.

From the like or female demonic creature. Culture, being one same epoch there are two medical guidebooks by un- total world-reproducing model, a life-programme known authors.

For centuries, it city of Teteven. He let a medical guidebook with the has been handed down orally from one generation date of A.

All medical guidebooks are the to another, constantly enriched and further extended work of roman stroganov video binary options at that time the Bulgarian intelligence by the experience of the healers.

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Some of the medi- coincides with the active book translating and copy- cal books that have survived till our days are geneti- ing centers and trade centers of the Bulgarians in the cally and functionally connected to the Middle Ages, Ottoman Empire.

Naming body problems for efective acts concerning the whole body. From and formulating diferent diseases denote the atti- contemporary point of view, we may classify them tude of a certain cultural epoch towards the bodies of as written câștigați bani cu retragerea rapidă containing considerable knowl- the culture-bearers.

Here medicine. Each recipe is abundant with foreignisms; a real spilled over umbilical hernia ; When one has stayed conglomerate of practical knowledge, faith in the re- too long in bed and cannot ind piece; When ones covery, and empirical practice.

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By the end of the XIXth century there were very identiied more as deformities in proportions; modi- few women who could read and write, and medicine ications of the usual color, losts of some abilities, etc.

Besides, in the premodern culture ral inadequacy dooms the body to passivity and in- there werent a lot of types of meals. Most of the time ability to perform any control over its physical func- the main food was just bread. Even though the medical prescriptions Besides, each recipe is also a religious rite; it involves are written, they began as a marginal text. In or- XVI 7 der to be allowed in Heaven, one should follow very a necessary counterpoint to distinguish itself from.

One shall not eat anything that is salty or cess of creativity. Each activity is therefore only an sour, pork, or carp, neither one shall go in bed with a interpretation of the world, duplication of the origi- woman for forty days.

Încărcat de

And For bruises: One roman stroganov video binary options take the gall-bladder of the way of doing things is expressed through words; a sheat-ish, soot from a discharged bullet and some event and speech are bound together. To prepare a medi- in the next morning. Any work is sa- beard: One shall take some lard from a bear, a hoof cred because it is a projection of the divine model of from a black cow, and an excrement from a rabbit, creation, and because it was preceded by the verbal chop them together, smear them, and then spread the act explaining exactly what, how, and how much.

Bruises and jaundice, encoded; the healer roman stroganov video binary options supposed to fulil the function toothache and beardlessness form a wide range of of a body that performs all the necessary procedures; misfortunes. My intention, however, is not to ex- it takes, puts, ties up, measures, stirs, and so on. Two icterus are most numerous.

In modern Bulgarian, bodies implicitly exist in the medical books. One is the term zhaltenica sounds like a yellow illness for the body of the sick person. He is a burden for his family and for himself for the character of the illness. When the colour of too, because of his inability to work, the unbearable the persons complexion is drastically changed, this pain he is going through, and the multiple corporal also causes changes in the whole standard outer ap- deformities.

In this respect, the recipes aim at model- movements are chaotic, the skin colour is changed, ing the unaesthetic body, too. Black and yellow are the smell is repulsive, and inally the communication the skin colours, which are always associated with a is totally broken.

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It is books. Diagnostics is done on the basis of the colour; disciplined and involved in the productive and so- the colour is, in fact, the main element in diagnos- cial systems; it is gender-marked and age-deined. It is interesting to know that black and yellow icon. It is also mystical and initiated into shamanistic are also used very oten when describing foreigners, sphere of competence; it is the body of a healthy per- representatives of other ethnic groups.

In Bulgarian son a sign for prosperity and superiority.

Together marker indicating the position of a person in the so- with the things that can be eaten, in the recipes we cial environment. In our case, it is again the colour of always ind products, that the culture claims not eat- the ill persons skin that speaks for the way the body able.

In the cures we ind a lot of poisonous plants is being perceived; the archaic cultural rules turn the and products from animals, which are not killed for sick person into an outsider who is dangerous for the food. One of the most common ingredient is the ani- society.

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Here, again, the analogy of these two colours in All what has been already said about the colours folklore is more than obvious. In medieval medical nation is widely practiced in the spring and matri- science a number is used as a symbol. In all folk songs, physical beauty is 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 40,etc. Scripture or the folklore ritual practice. In the medical books there are plenty of reci- tion depends on the exploitation of all possible pow- pes for diferent ointments and creams.

Now, this explains the to have become identical with a paint.

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It has substance, and is not ictitious that prevent the body from getting adequate social in any way. Human body also has its own colour that information. Curing is not intended for the physical is socially marked.

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Illness inevitably changes the co- body, or the organism, as we call it nowadays. On the lour; illness itself is a colour.

Herbs are used the most. Literature Many of the recommended plants in the recepies are Bakalov I. At the same time no medicine can nauka i knijnina. Soia, Such products as honey, vinegar, Miltenova A. Srednovekovni lekovnici i animal fat, salt, milk, wine, sugar, pepper, cinnamon, amuleti.

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In every recipe we ind out an ingre- Rezumat dient which is something gross and disgusting. Se suine c n. Prin prisma gndirii religi.

Revista Vol Xvi

Astfel, produsele de origine vegetal i animal din :care se extrgea remediu, se considerau necomestibile, iar,- medicamentul antipod al hrnii. Articolul mai conine i. Key words: cultural history, Early modernist- medicine, recipes, ritual, symbolic behavior, feeding. Plants that and Economy Museum and the Fund of E. Podnebe- protected people, their houses and households from snikova, a local historian, were used as well.

Being Region.

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Unusual vitality of the traditional culture in well-aware of real and imaginary properties of herbs, this area, its distinctiveness is astonishing and even people tried to use plants to the largest extent possi- nowadays is a research subject.

Naturally, the traditional selec- colonization of the land along those rivers in the XII tion of food and beverages of each people was based century. Gradually reclaiming diferent terrains of a on the available feedstock in the area and was closely new region the back-settlers from Novgorod, Ros- connected to the economic and natural type. It preserved and developed features of baptiz- Herbs, lowers, branches, various greenery in ing rituals in a peculiar way.

Before his inal battle he crouched on the force, if gathered on that day, Zveroboi St Johns wort was considered Pinega are plakun-trava, izgon-trava. But, already at a curative and magic herb. Young men and women the beginning of the century the herbs gathered used its stalk to read fortune, zveroboi guarded from by young women and ladies were used not for cure, sickness and voodoo spells, but for charming, putting a spell on the beloved for It is bet- ly without damaging the roots or ripping the weeds ter to pick up Juniper berries, feres 2 as we call it, in if they saw that the plant was scarce in a certain area the Shotogorka village, gather grushanka in the ield, All herbs are ripe by the Ivanov herbs, roots, seeds, leaves and other medicinal and den the Nativity of St John the Baptist, Midsummer technical raw materialsDay : zveroboi, ochanka, grushanka, kalgan, izgon,and were used as balms: You just need tysyachelistnik, bogorodska travka 4, or better known a tiny bit, a tea spoon and add some water.

Vodka as creeping thyme, but we call it bogorodska travka. It is rather easy to to do that ater Petrov den, while they are blooming. Local residents have superstitious beliefs related As a rule, one favorite herb is used for the infusion: to herb gathering: when one gathers herbs, he shade grushanka, ochanka, bogorodskaya travka, sometimes should not fall on the herb; pick the herb with the a herbal blend is used.

Everybody comes diseases; branches of juniper and juniper berries are to me for help and asks for remedies from a head- to be taken for cold, cough and many other diseases. Although back in the days they used to medical science data is still alive nowadays. It is called ries and even roots roman stroganov video binary options of natural leafy tea. Briar bogorodskaya because it is from the God Rus.

It is to be plucked with the root. It grows like it banya Russian sauna was considered to prevent a was planted, even more abundant in the mountains, cold disease.

For beverages each household gathered where there is travertine, trug 7. Others think that bo- herbs, roots and stalks and dried them; the skin of gorodskaya travka is a plant with the lower in the unripe fen berry, leaves of current and mint etc. In the Pinezhsky parish people went into Kalgan or tormentil lapchatka was called the ields roman stroganov video binary options a year, particularly, on the Ivanov sheptukha, mogushchnik in some places. People gathered them on the She will never even ofer a cup of tea.

Ivanov den, dried them and in case of any disease he kind host always asked the guest: Would they made herbal teas of them and drank infusions you like some tea? I will be more than happy to get, Later roman stroganov video binary options, they started to add roman stroganov video binary options samovar ready, it is really câștigă bitcoin pe videoclip ater a long road, it imported tea leaves in those herbal blends.

And On holidays people roman stroganov video binary options a lot of tea. Te- the host would get the samovar ready while saying it. Of course, those who had cows ry the tea had become commonplace and most of could aford that favourite beverage. In the north of Russia tea- stove served in an expensive porcelain milk jug, on drinking was an agreeable pastime: sitting at the table, weekdays the samovar was served together with the talking and drinking tea with a sugar cube, showing steamed milk in a milk jar with a table spoon, so that such mastery that a small sugar cube was enough for everyone could add some milk in their tea.

Just as everywhere roman stroganov video binary options tipul de opțiuni binare Russia, the northern- By the end of the I century, leafy tea had grown ers preferred to drink hot, strongly brewed tea.

Tea popularity all over Russian North, lovers would always make sure that the samovar is However, P. Eimenko wrote on that topic: not dead cold A. Weakly brewed tea the samovar owners are unconsciously called the rich was fairly criticized and condemned. If the brew was and during the treating they are given priority over weak, light in colour, roman stroganov video binary options would say disapprovingly: the others, although the luxury of the rich man is only roman stroganov video binary options some tea: I can see Moscow through the cup!

Tea roman stroganov video binary options in a cup was a Tea has always been an expensive beverage, and sign of getting richer. People observed how the tea drinking it in the morning and at night was consid- leaves swam in the cup. If the leaves were upright, ered a luxury. Grooms, who were not too well-of, that meant the enemy was going to inlict some harm were cautious about marrying tea lovers and cofee, on you, if the leaves were laying on the bottom of the they would say: hat girl will blow all money drink- cup that meant that nobody had any evil against you.

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Sugar had always been an expensive treat for the he neighbors would frequently ask each other peasants. People used to describe small income by to borrow some tea: Please, just a cup-worth na- saying, that it would be not enough to buy some tea poechka! A polite guest, when seeing the hosts cup-worth napoechka stood for a pinch of tea, just drinking tea, would wish them: Tea with sugar! And the hosts would respond without neighbors as guests.

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